I am an Animator and Illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland.

‘Embracing the challenge to experiment & combine technique in this digital world is of primary importance to me. I believe keeping a broad range of interests with a versatile & refined draughtsman’s sensibility, results in a final product that is true to the vision of the clientele’s needs. 

To tailor visual design & communication
in the most efficient way possible.’

Michael’s elemental focus rests on the basics of drawing, tradition and high quality concepts. He does this before the reliance of new technologies for execution. Today, our technology is a very powerful tool to accompany the timeless skill of a well versed designer.

It is Mike’s priority to create timeless designs to work for your projects, large or small. He believes that here is much to be gained with traditional knowledge in new systems of design, branding and motion works. Below are some of the organisations Michael has had personal projects associated with.


Michael adopts a no-nonsense approach in matters of graphic consultation, design & artistic matters. Payment before production. His time and opinion is of value, and he is under no obligation to carry through with projects abusing his terms. If Mike’s work has inspired & you would like to meet for a coffee, please feel free to email for queries regarding (PPP) Payment, Project/s and Publication at: Michael.Havelin@gmail.com





[C.V – Michael Havelin (2016)]